King David And The Messiah

King David And The Messiah David The Warrior King The Real King David King David Biblical King  King David And His Wives King David An Ending
Elika Of Harod Of The Mighty

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   The Real King David And His Men

I, Elika of Harod, joined David Ben Jesse in the hills of Ziph when the second group went out to him. I did not go with the first 400 because, at that time, I thought them to be rascals. I went with the 200, we thought we were better, but he soon taught us otherwise. I was with him as he fled from King Saul. I stayed with him in the wilderness. I was there when he began to reign over Judah at Hebron. I was there seven and a half years later when all Israel came to make him King over them; what a glorious day that was. I went out with him during Absalom's rebellion and returned with him after the boy was killed. I stood with Nathan the prophet and the warriors when Adonijah tried for the throne and that with my Lord David on his deathbed; I stood although my joints cried out with pain as I got from my own bed to stand the last time for his will. Now Solomon reigns and I am old. He does not favor me; I shall probably be forgotten.

I record here my personal remembrances of this great King and soul. I also record some instances concerning others who surrounded us. I do not bring hearsay to these pages. I set down as fact only those things told to me by trustworthy witnesses; such as Sarah, the wife of my youth, the lady Abigail and a few of my fellow warriors. Much information came to me, 1 pass on only a portion. However, the reader will probably view this largely as the scribal wanderings of a tired old man. Perhaps I have become a frustrated cleric in my dotage.

I remember the first time that I met the King. He was young and powerful and graceful. He had, as he always did, a ruddy head and beard. You could always find him in the masses with that redness in his hair. He greeted me with a smile that day, me a dissident debtor in search for a leader I could believe in. His smile was sincere, disarming and almost innocent. I knew from this first encounter that I would follow this man all of my life. At first I wondered if he had really been anointed by Samuel. By the time I was sure of this I no longer cared.

King David of Israel is the archetype of the Messianic Kingdom. Regarding Messiah’s heavenly throne and future super-glorious earthly throne it is all about King David and the Messiah. King David speaks Psalm 22 truly when he says, “ They shall come, and shall declare his righteousness unto a people that shall be born, that he hath done this” about the Messiah.

      King David of Israel, the real King David, was also called David the Warrior King. Almost everyone knows the story of David and Goliath King Saul and the prophet Samuel. King David Biblical King was a great man and a true historical figure who took Israel to the heights of glory. King David's true heir to his first earthly throne was Solomon.